(a chronology of band members)

Original Line-Up (2/00 - 8/01)
Kevin Beadles: vocals, acoustic guitar
Rob Ficarro (2/00 - 8/00): electric guitar, vocals
Rich Montgomery (9/00 - 8/01): electric guitar, vocals
Chris Sommers: bass
Mark Giannini: drums, vocals

Second Generation (9/01 - 4/04)
Kevin Beadles: vocals acoustic guitar
Steve Bernstein: electric guitar
Jean Kirk (9/01 - 8/02): bass, vocals
Matt Roeser (9/02 - 4/04): bass, vocals
Mark Giannini: drums, vocals

Third Generation (5/04 - 9/08)
Kevin Beadles: vocals, acoustic guitar
John Foster: electric guitar, vocals
Rob Wenig: bass
Jeremy Steinkoler: drums, vocals
Harold Ohashi: drums
Lliam Hart: drums

(in order of appearance)

Mark Schmeider: bass
Ernie Brady: electric guitar, vocals
Ron Neuhauser: drums
Matt Lucich: drums
Dan Derringer: bass
Harold Ohashi: drums
David Strong: drums
Andrew Griffin: drums
David Landon: bass
Peter Canton: bass
Mark Bernfield: drums
Paul Olguin: bass
Darrin Fox: electric guitar
Ryan Lukas: bass
Justin Ganz: drums
Kirk Abe: drums