• Novax Strat by Ralph Novak
• Heritage H-170CM (solid body), Millenium SAE (semi-hollow), and H-575 (hollow)
• Gibson Customized Early '60s J-45 Acoustic

• Line 6 distortion and delay effects
• Boss chorus, delay and volume pedals
• Experience distortion and octave pedals

• Fender Deluxe Reverb
• Mesa Boogie Studio 22

electric guitar, vocals

John has played guitar since he was 11 years old, when he envied his next door neighbor for being able to play the "Freebird" solo. He's a native of the Bay Area and has been composing and playing professionally here for more than two decades.

John has always liked and been influenced by a wide range of music and has performed with groups playing jazz and improvised music for poetry (Hanif, Sound Voyagers), original pop/rock (Terru Buzz) and his own jazz/funk/world music fusion (Family Foster, Zanzylum). He's also been known to dress up at Halloween as, say David Bowie, or a member of the Village People, and party down with friends in the band Phatlip. He's studied music at UC Berkeley and privately with Tuck Andress, Jeff Massanari, Adam Levy and Cary Sheldon, and he has taught privately as well as group classes.

Performing with the Kevin Beadles Band over the last few years has given John a chance to dive deep into the rock and alternative country idiom, playing soulfully while also having a chance to explore accompanying the narratives of Kevin's stories. This band also gets to soar with improvisations that stretch over the open country side.