Beautiful Bastards
Released September 2005
Tactile Records 5220-6
The second full-length album was a hybrid of seven new originals and six cover favorites from the live show circa 2001-2004. It was recorded largely for demo purposes and only a limited number of copies were released to the public. A couple of songs received airplay as far away as Belgium. Steve Bernstein (lead guitar), Matt Roeser (bass, backing vocals), Mark Giannini (drums, backing vocals), Derek Bianchi (engineering).
1. The Golden Age (D. Lowery, J. Hickman)
2. Beautiful Bastard
3. Unknown Legend (N. Young)
4. Ride to the Sea
5. Bad Reputation (F. Johnston)
6. Dust Storm
7. To Be Young… (R. Adams, D. Rawlings)
8. Flywheel
9. It's Stephen's Birthday!
10. Miles from Our Home (M. Timmons, G. Clarke, B. Lodge)
11. The Enemy of Good Is Better
12. Metal Firecracker (L. Williams)
13. Your Secret's Safe