Live at MuscleTone
Released May 2007
Tactile Records 5220-7
A collection of two "live-in-studio" recordings. The first five songs were performed as a string trio on March 16, 2007 and feature John Foster (electric guitar, backing vocals) and Rob Wenig (bass). The fifth track, "Something About What Happens…," was not planned as part of the session but tape was rolling as I started playing the intro and soon Rob and then John joined in. A nice way to cap off the afternoon and a favorite bonus track.

The next four songs were recorded July 28, 2006 and feature the Gold Dust Miners: Jon Konnan (lead guitar), Dan Derringer (bass), Lliam Hart (drums). "Indian Summer" appears in its earliest conception. Substantial changes to the lyric (complete re-writes of two verses and part of the chorus) and melody (especially in the chorus) and lesser changes to the song form would occur in the later version represented on the You Can't Argue With Water album. Derek Bianchi recorded all nine tracks at MuscleTone Studio in Berkeley, CA.

1. Enemy of Good Is Better
2. General Principle
3. A Love Sublime
4. Mrs. Jones' Cadillac
5. Something About What Happens… (L. Williams)
6. Indian Summer
7. Butterfly
8. Wichita Lineman (J. Webb)
9. Where We Come From