Top Forty in Europe (again!)
"All Down for Austin" has climbed to #29 on the European country charts and is getting air play on ~600 stations according to Dixie McCorkell of the European Country Music Association. "Shouldn'" reached #26 last year so it's fun to see a couple of minor hits overseas.

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New Single and Music Video Released Today - "All Down for Austin"
"All Down for Austin" tells the story of my band's wild adventure traveling from Northern California down to Texas to perform in Austin for the first time. With 3000 bands converging on the South by Southwest Festival, few things went as expected but we still had a blast playing there. This song was born the night we gigged in a dive bar down on 6th Street and could barely hear ourselves over the roar of the party outside.

But that evening in Texas turned out to be serendipitous as we got to meet popular New Orleans roots rocker, The Iguanas, and legendary drummer, Brady Blade (Dylan, Emmylou, Dave Matthews). We get home and lead guitarist, John Foster says, "Kevin, we gotta write a song about this." So a year later, we're back in Austin, this time sharing a bill with Brady. We ask him if we could give a shout-out in our new song. To our surprise, he not only agreed but said, "Hell, I'll play drums on it if you want me to!" And he did.

Andre Welsh, who directed my last three videos, took the various video and photos shot during our three consecutive trips to SXSW and put it all together in this music video which I think you'll enjoy.

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New Single and Music Video Released Today - "Forty Acres"
This feel-good Americana rock features the first use of harmonica in one of my songs and a Southern gospel inflection that sounds like it could have been recorded at Muscle Shoals. It's probably the best example of where my current sound lives, though it was awfully fun visiting indie pop-rock and faux redneck anthem with my last two singles.

"Forty Acres" was released on iTunes today and the music video is out on YouTube.

The video stars the amazing Berkeley home & garden of Simon Wartzburg. I think Andre Welsh & Mitch Costanza topped their two prior efforts in putting together this story that wanders in and out of Simon's Arts & Crafts home, along the wild winding blooms of his garden pathways, and even to the top of the large California Serpentine boulder that command the heights of his neighborhood. Andre's still photo shows Mitch (blue sweater) amidst the cast as we celebrate the wrap of a long day of shooting.

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Interview by Middle Tennessee Music
Q. "Any words of wisdom?
A. "The surest advice I can offer is 'glove in the dirt!' but that’s only really helpful if you’re coaching Little League."


Interview in L'Artiste Blog
Honored to rubbing elbows with the writers and playwrights who've been interviewed by author & creative writing college professor, D.J. Adamson (I've read three of her books!)

The Story Behind the Song
A novel generally has 70,000 words.
A script is composed of 96 pages.
A song?
Award winning songwriter, Kevin Beadles discusses songwriting.

Read interview

Top Forty in Europe
Remember when SpinalTap hit it big in Japan?... well, Shouldn' has climbed to #26 on the European country charts and is getting air play on 617 stations according to Dixie McCorkell of the European Country Music Association.

"Kevin, you did VERY well for the first time out of the chute--most new artists never get anywhere NEAR the charts that first time."

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Best Music Video (semi-finals)
Just got the good news that "Shouldn' " has been announced as a semi-finalist in the ISC Music Video competition. Big thanks to Mitch Costanza & Andre Welsh, the creative team who made it happen. Check out their work here.
New Single and Music Video Released Today - " Shouldn' "
Whether it's Hoyt Axton's "Boney Fingers," Hank Williams, Jr.'s "Family Tradition," or Gretchen Wilson's "Redneck Woman," redneck anthems have always occupied a place of honor in the country music pantheon.

To this, I humbly submit my shameless salute to the genre.
"You can tell me that I shouldn'… but I ain't shouldn' on myself!"

The single was released on iTunes today and the music video is out on YouTube.

The same creative team (Andre Welsh/Mitch Costanza) that made the music video for "This Might Get Loud" re-united to create a hilarious parody of "Young Country" videos in all their tasteless glory.  They also cast a certain Berkeley-based singer-songwriter for an uncredited cameo.

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West Coast Songwriters International Song Contest - Grand Prize Winner
Got a super nice e-mail from Ian Crombie, Executive Director of WCS, informing me that "This Might Get Loud" was judged the Grand Prize Winner of this year's International Song Contest and the 1st Prize Winner in the Rock Category to boot. A Breedlove Stage Dreadnought acoutic/electric guitar (shown to the left) and other fun swag will be presented to me at the 35th annual WCS Music Conference. Best of all, I'll get to perform at the annual Sunset Concert for conference attendees and music industry guests.

"Congratulations to Kevin Beadles for his winning song entry for this year's International Song Contest. I know how much effort and talent writing a song like this takes, so I'm wishing him the best for what we expect will be a bright future as a songwriter. Well DONE!"
Ian Crombie, WCS Executive Director

Ian Crombie Interview for WCS Website Feature and "Success Stories" Flashmail
Ian Crombie is the Executive Director of the West Coast Songwriters.
IC: Where did the idea for your song come from?
KB: I was working with Kevin Harris at his studio. We took a break and he talked about a documentary where guitarist The Edge was being interviewed and made the comment “Hold on, this could get loud for a moment” as he adjusted his amp. That thought inspired me and quickly turned into “This might get real. This might get loud. This might get really loud.” I talked to Bonnie Hayes about the idea as I thought it might be cliché, but she commented that a new relationship is a real life situation, and you can write about that in ways that are original or cliche. She thought it was original and encouraged me to keep going…
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The Ripple Effect Article
"Now this is exciting. Way back when, Ripple released the debut full length, You Can't Argue with Water, from singer/songwriter Kevin Beadles.

Today, Steve Cahill, Executive Director of the Great American Song Contest, has announced that his song "This Might Get Loud" has been awarded the Grand Prize overall winner. And that's quite a feat when you consider that...

Great American Song Contest - Grand Prize Winner
I got an e-mail this morning announcing that one of my songs had won First Prize in the Pop Category of the Great American Song Contest. Next thing I knew, Steve Cahill, Executive Director of the GASC, was calling to congratulate me and let me know that "This Might Get Loud" would be announced as the Grand Prize Winner on March 30th. Approximately 4,000 songs from 45 countries were entered in the contest. Here's the link: www.greatamericansong.com
International Songwriting Competition (ISC)
"This Might Get Loud" was just announced as a semi-finalist in two categories of the 2014 ISC. More than 18,000 entries were received.

The song was produced by Julia Sinclair with key contributions from Nick Buda (Taylor Swift) & Sharif Iman. Nick is pictured recording the drum track at his home attic studio 8-11-14.

South-by-Southwest Festival 2014
We're off to Austin tomorrow. Here's a shot from last year's show at Dr. Shane's HAAM Fundraiser. Pictured (L->R): John Foster, Shane Matt, Steve Gibson, KB, Brady Blade. Brady's produced/recorded/played with the likes of Dave Matthews, Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle… and now Kevin Beadles Band. Brady was kind enough to contribute a drum track to our song, "All Down for Austin."
Live Streaming from Austin (or nearly so)
John, Steve and I are off to Austin tomorrow to play two shows during the South-by-Southwest Festival. On Thursday we'll be playing at "Mouth-by-Mouthwest" which takes place in the lobby of a dental office:)

Dr. Shane provided free dental care to many displaced musicians after Hurricane Katrina and many have repaid his kindness by performing at his annual HAAM fundraiser (Health Alliance for Austin Musicians). Thursday's line-up includes drummer-producer Brady Blade (Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle, Dave Mathews, Indigo Girls, etc.) and Reckless Kelly (who heavily "inspired" our version of "1952 Vincent Black Lightning").

Dejaset.com will be recording the show and our performance should be available for download minutes after we finish our set (Thursday 3/14 ~ 5:30 pm PDT). All proceeds will go to the HAAM fundraiser.

On Friday, we'll back at the Red Gorilla Showcase playing at the upstairs stage of Amped! on 6th Street.

Austin, TX
Just back from the South-by-Southwest Festival. Had a fabulous time. Austin calls itself the Live Music Capital and even Bag Claim at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport gets in on the act.

Our performance at the Red Gorilla Showcase was right in the heart of things on 6th Street--the atmosphere reminded me of Bourbon Street. Met a lot of great people including drummer-producer Brady Blade (Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle, etc.), members of The Iguanas (New Orleans), and Liona Rowan & Randy Bumgardner (our hosts).

South-by-Southwest Roadtrip
Just got the official word… we've been chosen to perform at the Red Gorilla Showcase alongside South-by-Southwest Festival in Austin, TX. First roadtrip outside of California!
North American-Wide Distribution Deal with NAIL
Good news from my label… Ripple Music and NAIL Distribution have signed a deal that, as of January 2012, will make NAIL Distribution the exclusive distributor of Ripple Music CDs and vinyl records throughout the entire North American Continent.

According to the press release, NAIL has been one of the premier North American distributors of independent music for over 15 years, distributing music of all stripes while handling nearly 200 exclusive labels. NAIL delivers the best in independent rock, folk, Americana, punk, avant jazz, electronic, experimental, hip-hop, metal, and soon, Ripple Music.

"This is a very big deal for Ripple Music as NAIL Distribution is an independent distributor with a proven track record," explains Todd Severin and John Rancik, co-owners of Ripple Music. "Plus, as a division of Allegro Media Group, this agreement opens up new and exciting opportunities for digital distribution of Ripple Music bands."

NAIL joins Code7 (U.K.) and Clear Spot (Europe) as Ripple distributors.

Burgers 'n' Wine
We have the best fans! As we loaded out from tonight's WineStyles gig, the bar tender informed us that a new fan wanted to treat everyone in the band to a bottle of premium wine. Not to be outdone, another longtime fan immediately upped the ante to any bottle in the house. The photo shows our haul of eight bottles of the Bon Merde amidst the detritus of our usual post-gig chowdown at In-N-Out Burger. Thanks, Ben & John--you guys are awesome!
Noon Concert at WCS Annual Conference
For the second year in a row, I was honored to perform at the Noon Concert of the West Coast Songwriters' Annual Conference in Los Altos Hills. The conference is attended by a slew of professional & amateur songsmiths, producers, publishers, and other industry execs from around the country. It was fun and a little nerve-wracking to play a 5-song mini-set in front of people who are passionate about original music. The entire Foothill College campus seemed to be under construction this year which struck me as entirely appropriate since we songwriters are constantly demolishing, revising, and re-constructing our own songs (and everyone else's).

The accompanying photo was taken by Boris Popkoff immediately after this year's performance. A photo from last year' performance is shown here.

"All the Way" Single Released by Ripple Music on iTunes
Today would have been Michael Jackson's 53rd birthday. This award-winning song explores his life's trajectory.  Equal parts "Candle in the Wind" and "Elvis Presley Blues", this record marks the first occasion I've released a single in advance of a CD.
Available at iTunes…
"All the Way" Video Slideshow
Two years ago this day, Michael Jackson, the "King of Pop" died. Ten weeks later, he was buried in my home town. That got me thinking about his life, how it paralleled that of another "King", and how legends are born. The result was this award-winning song.

Kevin Harris and I recorded the song and multi-platinum producer/arranger/musician Scott Mathews produced the final track. Scott has worked with many of my heroes including David Bowie, Johnny Cash, Eric Clapton, Elvis Costello, Jerry Garcia, Mick Jagger, Van Morrison, Keith Richards, Neil Young, etc.
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MTV/Discovery Channel Licensing Agreements
MTV News & Docs (producers of Cribs, True Life, My Life As Liz, etc.) and Discovery Communications (Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Oprah Winfrey, etc.) just licensed the entire You Can't Argue with Water CD for use in their programs.
SFGate Radio
Ripple Music just posted this on my Facebook site:

"Cool news. SF Bay Area Ripple Bands, Modern Day Moonshine and Kevin Beadles will be featured on SFGate Radio, the radio player for the SF Chronicle website that is on every page of the website. We're talking 13 million page views per month! Other Ripple bands will get featured when they tour into town. Bringing quality music to the Bay!"

WCS 2011 International Song Contest Winners
Demos of two songs slated for my upcoming album (2012) got some nice recognition from the West Coast Songwriters. "All the Way" was awarded Third Place (Rock Category) and "I Can't Hang with You Anymore" was given Honorable Mention (Americana).

John Foster and I played "I Can't Hang…" live when we were Featured Guests on My Tune TV.
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Guest DJ Spot on KUIC 95.3FM
As part of Downtown Vacaville's May Music Madness, I was invited to be a guest DJ on Donna Perry's Car-Tunes program on KUIC 95.3FM. I'll be introducing a couple of songs, answering a few questions, and plugging my "noon concert" solo show at Town Square tomorrow. I'm still working on a clever radio moniker but DJ KB debuts at 5pm today.

KUIC is an "Adult Contemporary" format commercial station based in Vacaville, CA that broadcasts to Solano, Napa, Contra Costa, & Yolo counties.

My Tune TV Broadcast Tonight
John and I are Featured Guests in the My Tune TV episode airing tonight at 9pm. The KMVT TV15 show is seen by over 100,000 viewers in the SF South Bay. Producer Tim Erskin and a four camera crew captured live performances of seven songs at the KMVT TV15 studios in Mountain View back in February. In the days before the taping, I couldn't decide which I wanted to clear up most--my head cold or acne scars. The programs is being re-broadcast each Friday for a month and will soon be available on YouTube.
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College Radio
At latest count, 136 college radio stations are playing You Can't Argue with Water. The album is charting in several markets with CMJ (College Music Journal) reporting #4, #17, and #27 positions. It's also scored "Top Five ADDs" on a few prominent stations. In addition to airplay in 38 states and Ontario, I'm proud to report we're getting spins in the great province of Newfoundland!

Ripple Music issues a press release entitled "Momentum Building for Kevin Beadles and You Can't Argue with Water" that was published in several media outlets.
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I just learned that "Caroline" won the 2010 SONGWARS Songwriting Competition, Open Category. Some of the winning "swag" is displayed in the photo. Mike Pinder, a founding member of the Moody Blues, created this contest. Judging is by music industry professionals. I performed a live version of "Caroline" when I was a guest on "Live From Bay 6" (starting at the 08:00 mark).
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Top Ten Finalist
"A Love Sublime" was recognized as a Top Ten Finalist in the 2010 SONGWARS Songwriting Competition, Open Category. "Caroline" did even better as noted above. Both songs are featured on my new CD, You Can't Argue with Water.
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Farewell to Club Shred
I'll be hosting my last "Club Shred" at the Nomad Cafe in Oakland tonight. Since starting the monthly songwriters circle in August 2009, I've been honored to share the stage with my "shredder" friends (Joe Gums, Vickie Hopper, Randy Mayer, Alan Monasch, Lynn Smith) and many terrific guests, including:

  • Grammy-nominated writer of seven #1 hits: Steve Seskin (2x)
  • Award-winning songwriters: Chris Hanson, Larry Potts, Christopher Smith (2x), Laura Zucker
  • West Coast Songwriters dignitaries: Ian Crombie (Executive Director), Bruce Ede (Board/Community Relations), Grace Woods & Nomi Yah (Competition Hosts)
  • KB Bandmates: John Foster (2x), Lliam Hart (2x)
  • Great duos: Andrew Griffin/Aaron Phillips (Felsen), Lance Canales/Jason Williams (The Flood), Ian Franklin/Mayu Kawata, Billy Schafer/Tatiana Ecoiffier
  • Personal favorites: Anthony Bello, Marc DiGiacomo, Mike Ehlers, Mary Fineman, Todd Goodnough, Ryan Grandfield, Todd Haemmerle, Zej
"High" Music Video
My appearance on "Live From Bay 6" was re-released today by the Harwood Podcast Network (HPN) to celebrate their new partnerships with YouTube and Blackberry. HPN programs are viewed >150,000 times monthly in 100 countries. This video clip captures my award-winning song "High" performed with the "Live From Bay 6" house band. There was no rehearsal prior to the show but we taped the first run-through and it was a keeper!
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Music Licensing ("Musak" Alert)
Seven songs from You Can't Argue with Water have been licensed to a subscription service that provides background music to restaurants, hotels, offices, and retail stores. With constant repetition on channels such as "Americana", "Shimmer", "Amp", and "Mixx", innocent employees across the nation will soon be cursing the sound of my voice! [insert evil laughter here]
Featured on KALW/CrossCurrents
The band was spotlighted this week on KALW 91.7FM (NPR affiliate for San Francisco). A print version of the radio feature also appeared in their award-winning CrossCurrents newsletter and was picked up by SFGate (SF Chronicle's website), local CBS, and a few other media outlets. My wife is a regular listener so this scored me major points. Thanks, KALW!
Best Performance Winner (for Parallel Parking?)
I played a new song at the West Coast Songwriters Competition at the Freight & Salvage in Berkeley last night and was awarded Best Performance for "Be Young Today." But I'm convinced the prize was given for a completely different performance.

There was a long line of songwriters standing outside the Freight when I arrived. I quickly parked and hopped in line, hoping I was early enough to make the sign-in sheet. A few moments later, an actual LEGAL parking space opened up so I ran to my car and tried to nab it. As I attempted to parallel park, I quickly realized two things: (1) the space was barely larger than my car, and (2) everyone was watching me. Incredibly, I slid right in on my first try and was immediately greeted with sarcastic applause. I felt bulletproof from that moment on…

(Plus, Scott Waters let me borrow his guitar--thanks!)

A "High"-ly Unusual Tip
I played a show in Vacaville yesterday and sold several CDs. I sometimes joke that I'll take a nickel if someone can't afford the list price since 99% of people will pay the full price, anyway. But yesterday, one woman must have thought I said "nickel bag." She took a CD, reached for my hand, and closed my fingers around what turned out to be a film canister filled with "herb" and wrapped in a Lipton tea bag. (Official disclaimer: The only hit I took was this photo, the rest remained in Vacaville.)
Ripple Music Named "Label of the Month" by Next Big Thing
Since signing with Ripple Music, I've enjoyed a ton of media attention (USAToday, Classic Rock Magazine, GuitarWorld, Rock and Roll Report, etc.), so I'm delighted to see the label's founders, John Rancik and Todd Severin, get a turn in the spotlight

"With artists ranging stylistically from Psychedelic to heavy Rock, from low key Folk to hectic Progressive, this is a label that is all about the music, classic rock with a modern edge. It's a new kid in the playground but already it has a sound and a feel of a label that is set to rave on in the alternative nation forever…"
Read more…

Kinda Cheatin'… "High" Music Video Featured on Elbows
Funny things can happen when your name's on the web. The Elbows website has posted five articles on me (an interview, review, and three press releases) but this one seems like cheating. The video clip of "High" was featured on their site today, apparently for no other reason than the fact that Floating Laboratories Founder Kevin Harris has the same name as the host and lead guitarist from Live From Bay 6. Admittedly shameless, but I'll take it!
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Fab! Indie Interview and Canadian Airplay
"Shine" has been added to the playlist of SRN Mediaworks which is syndicated throughout Canada. I was also interviewed for their indie music column by Executive Second/Programmer, Phillip Hong:

PHIL: How did you get into music? Was it a early passion?

KEVIN: I remember watching the Winter Olympics a few years ago and getting sucked into one of those soft-focus biographical sketches that usually annoy me. But this one fascinated me. The subject was a speed skater attempting to win her fourth or fifth gold medal. They showed photos of her wearing ice skates at age 3, 5, 8, etc. and as each photo was shown, they read from little letters or school essays she'd written. Each one ended with "and I love to skate".

And I thought, "Wow, that's how it really is! You fall in love with something at a young age, and if you're lucky, life's trajectory is set". For her, it was skating. For me, it was music.

I also remember staring at the sheer bulk of this woman's incredibly muscled thighs - each one bigger than my torso - and thinking, "Damn, she could CRUSH a man with those." Perhaps I overcommunicate...
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West Coast Songwriters
The West Coast Songwriters debuted their new website today and I was featured on the home page.  The feature included a photo and a profile written by Ian Crombie, Executive Director of West Coast Songwriters.

After a decade of attending WCS events, being in awe of so many of its luminaries (Michael McNevin, Larry Potts, Laura Zucker, Chris Hanson, etc.), and trying to learn from the many forums offered to members… I half-jokingly told my wife that I felt like Sally Fields giving her famous Academy Awards speech, "They really like me!? They really like me!" 
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Next Big Thing Podcast
"Where We Come From" was featured in this week's podcast of the Next Big Thing. The episode, entitled "The Liberating Madness of Music," includes an introduction by host, Martin Smit, followed by a sound bite in which I explain the origins of my faux rock anthem (starting at ~11:45 into the program).

Since 2002, Martin Smit has broadcast the Next Big Thing from Cologne, Germany.  He has been described as "a multi-platform guru who has taken his podcast and independent music websites and made them into 'an honest cult'." The Next Big Thing is dedicated to "edgy exciting independent music, a world of artists with honesty and passion."
Listen now…

One Billion Chinese Can't Be Wrong!
Do you remember the scene in Spinal Tap when the struggling band suddenly hits it big in Japan? Well, check out this photo of Hong Kong film and pop music megastar Alan Tam proudly displaying his copy of You Can't Argue with Water. A huge star in Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan, and various parts of East Asia, Alan Tam is arguably more famous than Jackie Chan.

The top photo was taken backstage at his sold-out concert on July 16, 2010.  The lower photo shows Alan Tam performing that night at the Hong Kong Coliseum.

Review by Kirsty Evans
I was hosting my monthly songwriters circle at the Nomad Cafe tonight when a friend asked if I'd seen my CD review in East Bay Express. After getting some attention from national media outlets, I was embarrassingly pleased to get a good review in my own backyard:

"There's something reminiscent of The Eagles in You Can't Argue with Water… It's a fun album to listen to — a blend of rock and blues with the occasional nod to country. Beadles has a charming voice, too, just rough enough to be appealing. There are a few hints of Elvis Costello, too, just to add to the quirky charm."
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Review by Wildy Haskell
A good review in Wildy's World ("dedicated to getting the word out about great music"):

"Beadles opens with 'Shine', which might be one of the best pop/rock tunes to cross this desk this year. It's an optimistic number about love staying fresh and standing the test of time with a sing-along chorus that is likely to move into your cranium and set up for a long stay. 'Shine' has huge commercial potential, both as a single and in the licensing realm."

"…You Can't Argue With Water is a great listening experience. Beadles has a highly pleasant voice, and instrumentally his band is excellent"
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New CD Officially Released by Ripple Music
Here's the quick story of my musical life… I'm about 19 years old, playing in a band, and taking pre-med courses at UCLA… I come home for a weekend visit and make the big announcement that I want to be a music major. An extremely short conversation ensued!

Fast forward a quarter-century… I enter a rough mix of "Shine" in an international song competition (WCS 2009) and win Second Prize (rock category)… I get invited on a local NPR affiliate (KRCB, 91 FM, Linda Seabright) and play several songs live with my band plus additional rough mixes from the upcoming album… Ripple Music contacts me and asks if I'd like to release the finished album on their label. An extremely short conversation ensued!

So now, it's come full circle… I'm 45 years old and my new CD, You Can't Argue with Water, is being officially released by Ripple Music today (July 13th). Album available now at the Kevin Beadles store.

Every penny you spend (including taxes, S&H, etc) is being donated to the Hospital Auxiliary at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center where I work. The auxiliary volunteers do terrific work supporting our mission to care for the underserved in our community. Not only will your purchase price go to supporting this effort, but a corporate grant will double your contribution.

Now to back to hyping the album…

Press Release from Ripple Music
This press release from Ripple Music was picked up by several outlets including MVRemix, MoBoogie, GigHiVE, Elbo, MickSignals, Cosmos Gaming, Mickie's Zoo & more:

Kevin Beadles Releases A Summertime Gem In You Can't Argue With Water - July 13th, 2010
Since debuting in 2000, Kevin Beadles, a featured artist by West Coast Songwriters, has spent the better part of the past decade refining his folksy, alt-country, Americana style of rock n' roll, eventually capturing a collection of light poetic gems and calling it You Can't Argue With Water. The album shows a quantum leap in maturity as Kevin has already received awards in songwriting for the lead track "Shine" and the airy ballad "High." And, the accolades keep rolling in as more and more people are discovering the passion and diversity of this artist's performances…
Read more…

A Sunday Conversation with Award-Winning Songwriter, Kevin Beadles
A lengthy interview entitled, "A Sunday Conversation with Award-Winning Songwriter, Kevin Beadles" appeared today in USA Today, The Ripple Effect, and dozens of webzines and blogs:

"[W]hen we learned that award-winning songwriter, Kevin Beadles was releasing a new album of beautiful, affecting rootsy americana, we jumped at the chance to have him come join us on the red leather interview couch and lend his thoughts on to what makes a song tick."
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Another Good Review…
Another good review published today on Guitar World and The Ripple Effect:

"You Can't Argue With Water is an album about the songs… 'Shine,' 'High,' and 'Where We Came From' are crossover anthems that could grab airplay on any of hundreds of modern pop rock stations. When Beadles sings 'Mrs. Jones' Cadillac' you can't help but think of tongue-in-cheek Johnny Cash… Potential star worthy of a larger audience."
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Review by Bob Lange
A good review from Bob Lange at Rock and Roll and Meandering Nonsense. He took issue with the production values ("hooks and glossy sheen") but also had this to say:

"Kevin Beadles has soul… The country-tinged 'Mrs Jones Cadillac' has that California breeze rock ease, but it also lets its real heart shine through. 'Caroline' exposes some soul and the Beatle-esque 'A Love Sublime' is hard to deny… Kevin Beadles can write."
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Review by Bill Sullivan
A great review in Bill's Music Forum by Bill Sullivan, Senior Music Writer for Rock and Roll Report:

"[Kevin] Beadles is a versatile talent who writes thoughtful (and sometimes amusing) lyrics, and has a warm, well-controlled voice that is mighty easy on the ears. There are lots of strong cuts on You Can't Argue With Water, which starts with the perfect 'Shine'. 'Shine' is a radio-friendly pop country rocker that crosses several musical genres, and boasts a catchy melody that allows Beadles to showcase how effortlessly he can drift into falsetto and back again…"

"Beadles plays a sublime kind of music… In many respects, You Can't Argue With Wateris cleansing… nurturing our thirst for pristine talent."
Read more…

Note: Bill Sullivan's review of You Can't Argue with Water was also picked up by Pop Music Reviews, NEWSoDROME, and Rock and Roll Report (which gets 30K hits daily).

Linda Seabright's On the Road Again! (again!)
To celebrate the upcoming CD release, Linda Seabright invited the band back as "live-in-studio" guests on her On the Road Again! Americana program (KRCB 91FM, NPR for Sonoma County).  We were on from 8:00 - 8:50 pm, performed five songs live, played three tracks from You Can't Argue with Water, and enjoyed several interview segments between songs.  Linda has spun the title track regularly on her program and has been a terrific friend and booster to the band.  A very memorable night for us.

Live-in-studio: "Mrs. Jones' Cadillac", "I Can't Hang with You Anymore", "High", "All Bleeding Comes to an End", "Coming Home"
CD tracks: "You Can't Argue with Water", "A Love Sublime", "Shine"

Ripple Music Top Story
Great news from my record label, Ripple Music:

"Our initial press release generated far more activity that we expected! We were picked up by some big time news outlets and some great blogs. We were psyched when Classic Rock Magazine mentioned us and floored when USA Today picked up the stories and sent it all over the world. Most recently, GuitarWorld named the formation of Ripple Music as one of their Top Stories of the Week."

Here's the headline from USA Today and GuitarWorld: "Ripple News - The New Ripple Music Record Label Prepares New Releases from JPT Scare Band, Fen, Poobah, and Kevin Beadles"

WCS 2010 International Song Contest Winners
The WCS 2010 International Song Contest winners were announced yesterday and three songs from my new CD received "Honorable Mention" by finishing in the top five in their catagories: "Mrs. Jones' Cadillac"/Misc. (3rd), "A Prisoner in Chains"/Americana (4th), and "High"/Rock (5th). Last year, "Shine" came in 2nd in the Rock category. Harwood Podcast Network (HPN) released this video clip of "High".
Watch now…
The Good News Is…
A nice blurb from "The Good News Is…" column in the WCS Newsletter:

"KEVIN BEADLES was signed by Ripple Music to release his new CD, You Can't Argue with Water. Kevin caught the attention of the San Ramon based indie label when his band appeared on Linda Seabright's "On the Road Again!" Americana program (KRCB, 91FM, NPR affiliate for Sonoma County) last fall. Featuring the bridesmaid winning tunes "Shine" and "High" (2nd place winners in the rock category of the WCS and SONGWARS competitions), the CD is available on CDBaby and iTunes."

Club Shred at Nomad Cafe
Steve Seskin, Grammy-nominated writer of seven #1 hits, came to see our show at the Nomad Cafe in Oakland last night. The highlight… Steve capped off the evening by playing three of his songs: "Right Out of Nowhere," "Cactus in a Coffee Can," and "This Is My Life."

Each month, I host the "Club Shred" songwriters circle. This month's show featured Joe Gums, Vickie Hopper, Randy Mayer, Alan Monasch, and Lynn Smith. Laura Zucker was our guest artist and John Foster sat in on acoustic bass, guitar & backing vocals.

Harwood Podcast Network (HPN) released this video clip of "High" today. It shows me performing this song live with the "Live From Bay 6" house band. There was no rehearsal prior to the show but we taped the first run-through and it was a keeper!
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Live From Bay 6
The podcast of my guest appearance on "Live From Bay 6" was released today. The half-hour program features three songs from the new CD performed live with the Bay 6 house band. According to official sources, "You'll not only get to hear some amazing music performed, but join host Kevin Harris and you'll find out the background stories on the songs, how they were crafted and what the life of an artist is like in these times." Programs on the Harwood Productions Network are downloaded 100,000 each month and viewed in 80 countries.
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First Review of New CD
An advance copy of You Can't Argue with Water received a stellar review in Local Music Vibe:

"You can't argue with mastery like this… formidable, accessible, catchy, astute, sometimes poignant… rendered with Beadles' signature at-an-angle quirkiness"
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30-Second Tease
I have become a movie trailer! Todd ("The Racer") at Ripple Music surprised me by putting together a 30-second teaser ad for my upcoming CD release. Imagine the voice over, "In a world where 45 year old singer-songwriters get signed by indie labels…"
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Pretty Damn High
"High" peaked out at Runner-Up (2nd Place) in SONGWARS. I'm planning to re-title it, "Pretty Damn High (But Not Quite High Enough)" You can still hear the original version on the Discography page.
It's Official!
I'm now an "officially signed act" and very excited to be so. Ripple Music, an indie label based in San Ramon, CA made me their happy bride. Dedicated to "The best music you're not listening to™," Ripple contacted me right after the band's appearance on Linda Seabright's On the Road Again! Americana program (KRCB radio) last October. It was a short and easy courtship (I would have slept with them even without the ring but this way my parents are happy) and today, I officially changed my name to Ripple Recording Artist, Kevin Beadles. Sometimes I still forget and use my maiden name. If you'd like to send a wedding gift, the monograms are "RM + RRAKB".
Top Ten Finalists
I was thrilled to learn that two of my songs, "Shine" and "High", both on my upcoming album You Can't Argue with Water, have been named Top Ten Finalists in the rock category of SONGWARS International Songwriting Competition!

Mike Pinder, a founding member of the Moody Blues, created this contest. Judging is done by music industry professionals. I met Mike at the West Coast Songwriters conference last year and played four of my songs for him as part of a Performance Showcase. After hearing the songs, he encouraged me to enter his SONGWARS competition because he thought I'd have an excellent chance of finishing high in the judging. I'm glad I took his advice!

Here's the best part… among Mike Pinder's many claims to fame is introducing the Beatles to the mellotron (the haunting instrument used in the intro to "Strawberry Fields Forever"). So now I've experienced "one degree of separation" from another of my idols. (See also my 05-13-09 post about Paul Olguine and Lucinda Williams).

Songwriter Competition at the Freight & Salvage
I performed a new song at the Songwriter Competition at the Freight & Salvage in Berkeley tonight and was awarded Best Performance for "I Can't Hang with You Anymore." In addition to all the glory, I received a "Premium Artist Service Package" from Noisy Planet. Can't help but think how things have changed from the '70s. Back then, Premium Artists like Mick Jaggar and Steven Tyler would have had their Packages Serviced instead. Ah, the '70s…
Linda Seabright's On the Road Again!
Kevin Beadles Band appeared as featured guest on Linda Seabright's On the Road Again! program. The one-hour segment included five "live-in-studio" performances, interviews with the band, and five tracks from the upcoming You Can't Argue with Water CD. Broadcast live on KRCB Radio 91 FM in Santa Rosa, CA (NPR affiliate for Sonoma County), the program was also available via the internet and Comcast Digital Cable.
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2009 West Coast Songwriters International Song Contest
Got good news this week… my song "Shine" was awarded Second Place in the Rock Category of the 2009 West Coast Songwriters International Song Contest, losing to the overall Grand Prize Winner. Absolutely made my day!

More good news… some of you may know that John Foster (lead guitar) and I are huge Lucinda Williams fans. In fact, the band usually plays five of her songs in our all-night shows. Well, last Friday we experienced "one degree of separation" when bassist Paul Olguine played a gig with us. Not only has Paul played on-stage with Lucinda but claims to have sold her his extra futon.

Best news… our friend and former bassist, Rob Wenig, joined the JGB band in early February and returns to San Francisco to play at the Great American Music Hall tomorrow night (Friday, May 15th). Headed by the great organist, Melvin Seals, JGB is the "Keeper of the Flame" for the former Jerry Garcia Band with Stu Allen on guitars/vocals.

“As a recent winner of the Great American Song Contest, Kevin Beadles is clearly a force to be reckoned with. His songs are emotionally complex, ingenuously crafted and instantly appealing. He is a gifted new artist who truly impresses on every level."

Steve Cahill, Executive Director, Great American Song Contest 

"'All the Way' is a beautiful piece of music that is put to deceptively complex subject matter, the rise and fall of American heroes. It is both bright and dark, majestic and tragic. Kevin Beadles is an amazing artist who manages to go deep while maintaining a pop sensibility that is irresistible."

Scott Mathews, multi-platinum producer/arranger/musician (David Bowie, Johnny Cash, Eric Clapton, Elvis Costello, Jerry Garcia, Mick Jagger, Van Morrison, Keith Richards, Neil Young, etc.)

"Kevin's lyrics are inspired, insightful and quirky. He writes hooky songs about real life and delivers them with a passionate, soulful voice."

Steve Seskin, grammy-nominated writer of seven #1 songs

"A fresh and talented artist forging a new path in the singer-songwriter genre…the band is phenomenally tight and worthy of note."

Linda Seabright, KRCB 91 FM in Santa Rosa, host/producer of On the Road Again!

"Kevin Beadles passion for crafting songs is obvious when you listen to his new CD, You Can't Argue with Water. It's an amazing project with real emotional impact. I haven't taken it out of my CD player."

Ian Crombie, Executive Director of Westcoast Songwriters, 50 Most Influential People in the Music Biz (Music Connection)

"Kevin Beadles Band is one of our favorite groups that plays in our Historic Downtown. Kevin brings great energy to their performances and he engages the crowd easily… and they love it! I’ve had Kevin playing for us at our festivals, farmers’ market, wine strolls, lunch time programs and anywhere I can plug the band in over the past 5 years… and everyone is always happy to see them back in Downtown Vacaville."

“Downtown Bob” Vollmer, Executive Director of the Downtown Vacaville Business Improvement District

"You can't argue with mastery like this… formidable, accessible, catchy, astute, sometimes poignant… rendered with Beadles' signature at-an-angle quirkiness"

Alan Monasch, CD review in LocalMusicVibe.com

"From the first bar to the final fade, these songs know exactly who they are."

Jeremy Steinkoler, co-founder of Bandworks, leader of Mo'Fone

"Heh, heh--was just watching North by Northwest for the millionth time and saw you were invited to play during South by Southwest. Soooooo awesome. I am not sure if I am envious or appreciative, but man, so awesome Kevin."

Lawr Michaels (re-printed w/permission)

"Hey, I like what you guys are doing. You've got good energy and all play extremely well and quite nicely together. It is always fun listening to you all.

I especially like the dark humor in your songs, awesome… Further, your fun-loving interaction with your audience is PRICELESS! It is no wonder you are John's favorite band.

I have your CD with me on my little trip this week, listened through it twice already. Bravo!

Knowing how difficult the music business is, particularly today, I am always happy to support fine talent. I'll look forward to seeing/hearing you all at your next show."

Ben Marsh (re-printed w/permission)

"Your website is AWESOME! I'm a techie for a web company by day, so this is an educated assessment. Plus my wife and I have been looking at musician sites to copy, er, I mean to inspire my own. Yours is the best so far."

Alan Freedman (re-printed w/permission)

"Just wanted to tell you I love your music. Just discovered your web site yesterday. Listened to every song I could. Every one was great! I love the kind of mixed sound and the stories in the songs. Keep the creative juices flowing."

Lynn King (re-printed w/permission)

File under Small World:

"I learned about your music a LONG time ago, through a friend of a friend as usually happens with really good music. I own a few CDs, including Modoc Street Sessions and You Can't Argue with Water. My girlfriends say you sound like Chris Isaac but I disagree:)

So you'd think that I, dealing with numbers for work all day long, would put 2 and 2 together when I became a patient of Dr. Beadles in Martinez eye clinic? Nope! Didn't happen until I saw an ad for a benefit in the hospital's hallway. I googled the band's name, went to the website, saw your picture and started laughing! How do you find the time?

Anyway, I love the music. Just so you know, there are a lot of loyal listeners here in central Contra Costa County (Concord-Walnut Creek-Lafayette-Pleasant Hill, etc.), so it would be great if you guys could do more shows in this area.

Lana Skibitiansky (re-printed w/permission)

I played a few songs at an "ArtsChange" benefit at CCRMC hospital and got a nice e-mail three days later:

"Caught you live at the recent hospital gig--sounded great--didn't know you were going to be playing and was walking by when you were playing "Shine" and I got goose bumps. Last time I got goose bumps from a song was U2 doing "Where the Streets Have No Name" live--so you and Bono have somthing in common now. Anyway it was great seeing you live!!!

Phil Harrington (re-printed w/permission)

Got an e-mail from a high school friend and laughed out loud when I read the last sentence referencing my interview comments about a certain classmate. Six words that communicate so much:

"Kevin, I caught your recent podcast and picked up your album on iTunes. I've enjoyed it immensely. Your interview brought a flood of old memories back. I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking about Glendale, school and old friends. How have you been? After nearly thirty years, sometimes it's hard to reconnect. But, I do remember Pam Dickerson…"

Webster Wong (re-printed w/permission)

A new fan from Glen Ellyn, Illinois sent this e-mail:

"Hi Kevin, I received your cd (from CDBaby) and I LOVE it! "Shine" is stuck in my head Maybe someday when you are out touring in the Chicago Area, you could autograph my copy for me? Thanks for the music, the smiles and the song that's stuck in my head! You are very talented and have an easy voice to listen to, your lyrics are fresh and fun.

Love the website too - funniest part of all is I never really look at my facebook but there was a link in all it's glory to your website and I have been hooked ever since!"

Pam Trinco (re-printed w/permission)

An e-mail from a professional musician and fellow songwriter:

"Hey Kevin: Congrats on a great CD. It is very impressive in all aspects. The writing is outstanding. Vocals strong and background vocals full. The production is probably the best I've heard from Kevin [Harris]'s studio and his talent speaks for itself."

Jimmy James Page (re-printed w/permission)

"Kevin, your new Live at Bay6 podcast show is just fantastic! The music is so moving and emotional. Really enjoyed the great melodies, thoughtful lyrics… and hearing about the in depth background on the songs and your life. What a great showpiece for your extraordinary talent. Put me on the fan list please!!"

Gretchen Givens (re-printed with permission)

I went to watch the filming of Larry Potts appearance on "Live from Bay 6" this past Saturday and got to meet the folk-rock duo Fender-Cronin. Here's a nice e-mail I received today:

"…very much enjoyed our conversation at Bay 6 (what a great place!), and I'm having fun listening to your CD. I love You Can't Argue With Water, what an excellent song that is, and I like that you push the envelope (the stench of the hearse, oh my goodness that one snuck up on me…) and humor!!! …You are the real deal."

David Cronin (re-printed w/permission)

Opening this e-mail from a fellow songwriter was a great way to start 2010:

"Hey, Kevin -- Hanging out at home, free to choose EXACTLY how to intentionally bring in the new year, and what I'm doing is listening to your CD. WE'LL STILL SHINE."

I played a song at the Freight & Salvage in Berkeley last night. A fellow songwriter (who co-wrote with an original member of Bill Haley & the Comets) surprised me with the following e-mail:

"In the recent AMERICAN SONGWRITER, Lyle Lovett said that his goal is write songs people want to hear again. As I'm sitting at my day job continually re-hearing "You Can't Argue with Water," it seems to me that another goal is to write songs that take up residence inside the listener. I thought you created the most fully-realized image of the evening, with an evocative, gentle, irresistible melody to draw listeners into a world we recognize right away."

David Altschul (re-printed w/permission)

An incredibly kind blog posting and e-mail from a fellow songwriter:

"Kevin Beadles is as good a songwriter and performer as I can imagine right now; his songs are both accessible and meaningful, musically engaging in their mix of catchiness and melodic inventiveness. I think he is very much the real deal…"

"Kevin, this 'notable music critic' thinks you're an extraordinary songwriter and musician. Of all the songs and music I have heard in local performances in the last decade, yours are the ones that most reach me."

Alan Monasch (re-printed w/permission)

John and I performed as an acoustic duo at the Nomad Cafe and made some new friends. Here's a nice e-mail they sent:

"Hi Kevin, we really enjoyed ourselves last night listening to you and John. Everything was fantastic! I'm usually pretty good about picking up on great talent. It's something I'm kind of doing a little more seriously these days in the form of helping bands find venues, events, etc. Your voice is really beautiful and the harmony with you and John was wonderful. I just knew you were rolling with the big dogs:)

While Roy and I have been more involved in jazz, soul, and R&B genres, we appreciate all styles of music, from Marley to Tupac to Santana. Looking forward to seeing you perform again soon!

Carmen & Roy Stone (re-printed w/permission)

A quick story… It's Father's Day and I'm sitting in a mini-van at the Oakland Zoo waiting for my three boys (~4 y.o. twins + 2 y.o. baby) to wake up from their naps so we can go inside. Not exactly a rockin' scenario. But then I check my e-mail and read the following note (which made me feel like a total rock star!):

"Loved your show last night at the Roundup! Had a great time and the music was fantastic. Really enjoyed your CD this morning. I love your voice and your songs. Great CD for a sunny Saturday morning. I think my favorite song is the title track: You Can't Argue with Water. You SHOULD quit your day job! Take care, & best of luck to ya."

Naomi Kamiya (re-printed w/permission)