"Be Young Today" (live) - Kevin Beadles and John Foster on "My Tune TV"
Veering sharply from a tale of fabled Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. to a shamelessly self-referential second verse, the heart of this song is found in the bridge where an overly-serious teen is found "frivolously" studying his life away.  Bonnie Hayes (multi-platinum songwriter/musician/producer, Grammy nominated/winning projects) is producing this song for release on the upcoming All the Way CD (2012).

Kevin Beadles and John Foster appeared as featured guests on Tim Erskin's My Tune TV.  The KMVT 15 program is seen by over 100,000 viewers in the SF South Bay and available throughout the Bay Area on Comcast Digital Cable.  The episode was broadcast for the first time on Friday, April 15th at 9pm and is scheduled to be re-broadcast several times.

Tim Erskin (producer, audio/tape), D.H. (director, co-producer), Tom Clark (technical director), Dick Hacking (audio/tape), John Bessire (camera), Holly Leonard (camera), Jim Leonard (camera), Bobby Chastain (handheld camera), Robin Frank (lighting), Kevin Harris (sound mixing).