Forty Acres (single)

Released October 12, 2016

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"Forty Acres" is the follow-up single to Kevin Beadles' "Shouldn' " which reached #26 on the European Country Music Association chart and received airplay on 400-700 plus stations for six months.  This feel-good Americana rock features the virtuoso harmonica of Bruce Kurnow and a Southern gospel inflection that sounds like it could have been recorded at Muscle Shoals.  The song's narrator knows he's on to something good so he's willing to wait as long as it takes for his lover's barriers to come down:

"There's no fence to mark your forty acres
But no coyotes cross your land
You let me wander through your private spaces
But you're so distant I don't know where I stand
Still I come back to your door…
I always come back to your door"

Video credits:
Directed, Shot, and Edited by Andre Welsh
Written and Produced by Mitch Costanza

Jenn Tripp — The Woman
Laurie Burke — The Singer/Tambourinist
John Foster — The Lead Guitarist
Mike Volk — The Harmonica Player
Bruce Linde — The Bassist
Chuck Nelson — The Drummer

Special thanks:
Simon Wartzburg for use of his Forty Acres in Berkeley, CA

Music credits:
Written by Kevin Beadles (Wieldy Tunes/ASCAP)
Performed by Kevin Harris (drums, tambourine, shaker, bass, electric guitars, B3 organ, backing vocals), Bruce Kurnow (harmonica), Loralee Christensen (backing vocals), KB (vocals, acoustic guitar)
Produced by Kevin Harris & Kevin Beadles
Engineered & Mixed by Kevin Harris
Mastered by Sage Audio