I Can't Hang with You Anymore (single)

Released May 3, 2018

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Is it possible to break up with yourself? What if you're in an abusive relationship with yourself? And you keep hurting everyone that cares for you?

"I Can't Hang with you Anymore" is an alt-country ballad with crossover appeal that finds the singer ready to call it quits with his old ways. For once, "It's not you, it's me," is literally true!

Featuring the talents of Bonnie Hayes (Bonnie Raitt, Gospel Hummingbirds), Robert M. Powell (Peter Gabriel, Jackson Browne), Kevin Hayes (Robert Cray Band, B.B. King) and Gawain Mathews (Mickey Hart), you may find yourself wanting to hang with this song on replay for a while.

Video credits:
Edited by Andre Welsh
Produced by Kevin Beadles
Special thanks to the designers who contributed artwork to this video

Music credits:
Written by Kevin Beadles (Wieldy Tunes/ASCAP)
Performed by Kevin Hayes (drums), Robert M. Powell (bass, electric guitars, pedal steel), Gawain Mathews (acoustic guitar), Bonnie Hayes (piano, shaker, backing vocals) & KB (vocals)
Produced by Bonnie Hayes & Kevin Beadles
Engineered by Skip Sitkin, Bonnie Hayes & Robert M. Powell
Mixed by Robert M. Powell
Mastered by Gary Hobish at A. Hammer Mastering