You Can't Argue With Water

Released April 2010
Ripple Music RIPCD002

1. Shine
2. Mrs. Jones' Cadillac
4. You Can't Argue with Water
5. Sharkskin
6. A Prisoner in Chains
7. Where We Come From
8. Caroline
9. Happiness Is Small
10. A Love Sublime
11. Indian Summer

The first release for Ripple Music, this album features four award-winning songs, including "Shine" (WCS International) and "High" (SONGWARS). It was recorded by Kevin Harris at Harwood Productions in Martinez and Hercules, CA.

"Beadles plays a sublime kind of music… You Can't Argue with Water is cleansing… nurturing our thirst for pristine talent." —Bill Sullivan, Senior Music Writer, Rock and Roll Report